Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest form of healing known to mankind.

All treatments that Dr. Ruihong gives are natural therapies and all the medicine used is 100% natural, making Chinese medicine one of the oldest and most natural in medical care.

Chinese Medicine is a holistic form of treatment and its aim is to treat the whole body rather than just the symptoms.

Chinese Medical Practioners believe that many ailments come from a blockage of Qi, a spiritual energy that is needed to maintain well-being throughout a network of pathways and channels in the body. They also believe that health in all parts of the body is due to the relative balance of Yin and Yang.

Dr. Ruihong is highly qualified and experienced in Chinese Medicine. She has resided in Belfast since 2004 and practised in China for 20 years in this field.

Chinese Herbs are formulated in China; they include flowers, leaf stalks, seeds and roots. Each flower or herb has a specific purpose and performs a particular function to help you and your condition. Most prescriptions are usually cooked and drunk as a tea or they can be in tablet form.

It is always important that you take your medicine every day. Dr. Ruihong will monitor your progress with every visit to her clinic. All treatments are different, some can be a few weeks or some may take longer.

A visit to Dr. Ruihong’s Clinic could improve your well-being and a chance to sort out your medical difficulties once and for all, so why not make an appointment.


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