Patient 1

I am really impressed by the professional way Dr. Ruihong approached my issue with trying to conceive a second child last year. Dr ruihong suggested she could help me with acupuncture and massage and herbal pills. I had no great expectations but I was opened minded and prepared to give it a try.

Conventional methods and medicine were not working so I was beginning to give up hope and not to try anymore.

Dr. Ruihong made me very comfortable and gave me confidence that she knew what she doing. She made efforts to explain what she was going to do which encouraged me to trust her skills and competence.

I felt very little discomfort when Dr. Ruihong applied needles and the massage was excellent, best I have ever experienced. I am really grateful for the treatment dr ruihong gave me which enabled me to conceive, sustain the pregnancy and deliver a healthy normal baby.

I am amazed by the outcome, it really has been of benefit.  Thank you Dr Ruihong.  I would not hesitate to recommend dr ruihong and would encourage others with fertility issues to give the treatment a go.


Patient 2

My first encounter with Dr. Ruihong was with a hearing problem after a long-haul flight. I started a course of massage/accupuncture for high blood-sugar levels and stress.
The stress caused me to have terrible headaches and a general feeling of being unwell.  Halfway through the course of treatment I started to feel less stressed and I had more energy and generally felt like a new person.

I would certainly recommend accupuncture and massage as a form of treatment as being a Type 1 diabetic can take it’s toal on your body.  Every week I looked forward to a relaxing hour.
It was money well spent and I  have booked further courses of treatment.


Patient 3

I came to Dr. Ruihong with a very sore back and unable to bend very well.  She examined me and diagnosed my spine and symptoms right away.  She started me on a course of acupuncture and massage over a ten week period.

After two weeks I was responding and moving a lot better and for the first time in two years I could sleep on my leftside.  The herbal patches  and ease oil she perscribed really worked and I must say I looked forward to the hour each week that I could relax in Dr. Ruihong’s Clinic.